I know it seems dumb and doesn’t matter to you
I know you don’t care

But it matters to me
It kinda hurts and my self esteem has been kicked repeatedly bc of it

But it doesn’t matter to you.
So it shouldn’t matter to me.





If you went or know anyone who went to SDCC and saw this cosplayer, the police seriously need your help. _

The cosplayer was found at the side of a road unconscious and bloody without her ID and in her costume. The police are unsure what happened to her. 

If you have ANY information or saw her anywhere, call The San Diego Police Department at (619) 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154.
PLEASE Spread the message.

Personal note: I am not personally involved with the situation, I have not been to that con nor seen the cosplayer only saw the issue being raised on Facebook, so I’m raising more awareness on here. More infomation: x

Reblogging in hopes this case get solved fast!

come on tumblr this needs more notes

THIS IS MY FRIEND MILLY! SHE’S IN THE HOSPITAL IN ICU STILL IN SAN DIEGO WITH SEVERE BRAIN BLEEDING. PLEASE reblog this and let the police know if you have any information! 

#maleficent makeup test???? I want to Cosplay her original faerie form (wings, hair down) one day. But I’m not v confident about the makeup ;; #cosplay #disney #selfie #selca #makeup

im rly annoyed today I just wanna hang out with Jordan and Charlie and Matt at Geek and wish it all away tbh >:T

photo shoot for 1996’s sailor stars



Friends with mean and overprotective parents


when they are so overprotective you guys can hardly hang out


Being the friend with overprotective parents



If it’s all the same to you, I’ll have that drink now.


not what I said I was going to draw;;;;


Creepy☆Cute Makeup Tutorial Bloopers HAHA


Into The Woods | 2014 ()

get to know me meme: [1/10] actors/actresses
natalie dormer - ”I know people think that acting is not quite the occupation of grown-ups, but it is actually the ultimate learning process: You get a multitude of experiences, all for the price of one life.”

I’m gonna touch everything.