Cosplay Meet & picnic - August 15th in Leicester!

Since the last post doesn’t detail everything and i’m getting questioned about it. Here’s the full list of what’s going on and stuff!

Any cosplay is welcome. However; please take into account that it will be mid-august and the weather will be somewhat hot. Most of us will be in some form of casual cosplay!

We’ll be meeting in Leicester town/city center between 11 and half 12. I will meet people at the train station and the bus/coach station. (You will have to be comfortable with giving me your number for emergancies and to let me know when you’re here.) I will be cosplay Hatsune Miku in a somewhat school-like outfit (similar to rolling girl, but more appropriate for the weather.)

The plan is:  We meet/round everyone up, go into town and get any last minute sweets or things for the picnic (like cold drinks, ect) if needed and head to Abbey Park. We’ll be in the midsection of the park which is near the cafe, so we can get more food there and they also have toilets. (However guys, the foods kinda pricey there!) But don’t worry too much as we should have quite a lot of food. Crisps/sandwhiches/drinks/chocolates aaand  GIANT POCKY!(It’s huge.) Feel free to bring whatever you want too by the way! However, we cannot have any alcohol due to some people being underrage…and it being a public park.

We will have music, it will probably a mix of some pop/pop punk and anime/vocaloid/kpop. If you want anything else put on the playlist just let me know~! We may also go around town for a bit if people want too, as there is a big shopping center/museum/arcades and stuff.

My friend Ricky will be taking some cosplay photo’s (he’s an excellent photographer, and his camera is fantastic for photoshoots. I mean, it should be for like £1300 or whatever it was… -___-) So there will be some pretty photoshoots/pictures being taken! If you want your picture sent to you, you can either add me or ricky on facebook and get the pictures that way, or give me your email address and I will email them in HQ resolution to you! They will be posted on tumblr though, so I hope everyone is okay with that.

There’s a kids park at Abbey as well, and trust me…some of the things on it are quite fun. XD We will probably add some other things to do nearer the time, after we’ve found out what everyone wants to do. It’s being arranged by me, with a little help from some friends~ If you’re interested, you can message me on here, or facebook -

or skype - heywalkerbait

Anyone is welcome to come! The more the merrier! Although I would prefer you let me know if and how many people you are bringing with you, so I have a rough estimate of how much stuff we’ll need there!

It would be great if any of you could also signal boost this to other UK cosplayers and stuff please! However, please be nice as it is my first real meet (that i’ve arranged myself.) and I don’t want just anyone turning up out of the blue and trashing the place or something, if you could understand.

Anyways, I hope some of you can come! <3

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