Cosplay Meet/Picnic - August 15th [UK: in the Midlands]

Finalised version of this post. Sorry if anyone of you have seen this too many times on your dash’s…I just wanna get the word out! Me & the other co-hosts are seriously excited about this. And we hope some of you guys can attend! Any cosplay is welcome! And any body is welcome! I would love to hear from you guys if you’re coming myself, but if you turn up I obviously can’t send you away! There is an event here, the full list of people attending isn’t on the event, just those with facebook. The meet itself is in Leicester. More specifically, Abbey Park. We are meeting others when they arrive if they don’t know where it is!

The plan for the day goes as follows~

Me & some others will be waiting around the train station between 11 & 12:30. If you’re coming by coach you will have to let me know so I can go to the bus/coach station whilst the co-hosts round everyone else up! I will give out my number to those who need it so you can contact me before or on the day. My facebook is also here if you need to message me about anything or just want to keep up to date.

After we’ve met up with everyone that wanted/needed us too, we’ll be heading down to the park itself. The meet officially starts at 1:15pm opposite the Cafe near the bridge of Abbey Park. We’ll be waiting around there for everyone to arrive! You are free to bring whatever food/drink you want too, there is also plenty of shops in town we can all go to, and there’s stuff sold at the Cafe. But the Cafe itself is quite expensive, just to let you know!

My friend Ricky, is a freaking awesome photographer, he’ll be taking some pictures with his fancy smancy camera. If you don’t want your photo’s taken you’ll have to let me know! Feel free to bring your own camera’s and stuff too~ There’ll be loads of photo’s and video’s for this blog, but I’d love to see whatever else people contribute!

Some people are interested in taking a look around town itself, we’ll be at the park for a fair bit, but I will happily go into town and go do some other stuff too if majority wish too! (Most idea’s being thrown around now are Museum/Arcade/Shopping Centre/ect)

Cosplays confirmed for definite so far are Vocaloid, Homestuck & Death Note.

I really hope some of you can attend! Seriously, it would be AMAZING to meet some of my followers, and we can all be BFFZ 5EVER. ;u;

Feel free to message me via the event, my facebook, on tumblr or through Skype (heywalkerbait) if you’re interested in coming or want to know more!


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