“I know that I’m not the same, though the similarities.”

NEW VIDEO~! I know that I said I would stop vidding RotG, but! I saw THIS gifset post by pawprintsandsnowflakes and thought the idea was so cute! I just had to do something. This video itself took me 15 minutes or less to edit as sort of a rough outline or idea, I guess?? But oh god, I wanna explore this whole concept some more at some point! ;u; (But then, I made myself sad thinking of how she would grow old and he wouldn’t, creys.)
After Jack falls in the lake, his sister is so distraught she stays by, stuck in a state of shock. When the ice begins to break she sits up, and witnesses Jack’s transformation. He’s confused, as is she, but he slowly realises his new powers, and his sister, exctited by the thought of turning anything to beautifully formed frost and ice, drags him around to show her more.

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