So my Jack Frost (genderbend) wig came~! Eeee~ I was going to go for a straight one, but the curls reminded me of the pretty shapes of the ice he makes, so~ I need to cut and style the bangs. Please ignore the hoodie I’m wearing and my weird smile, my new blue hoodie for the cosplay itself hasn’t arrived yet, and I can’t control mah face.

Oh gosh its so soft and nice and aghsdfkghdfh squeels

8 March 2013 at 5:58pm with 10 notes
  1. sutari-sukai said: Uber adorable and cute you look Furankiie <3
  2. eviyanna said: Can I just say your smile is absolutely ADORABLES?!?!?
  3. jordfin said: Gawsh, look at your gorgeous face, all “I got this awesome wig because im gonna be an awesome female jack frost because im awesome” You’re genuinely so adorable when you’re passionate and excited about things x3 <3
  4. schijtkind said: looks very nice!!
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